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Global Prayer fellowship.
Abundant Life Gospelcation Ministries

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The Prayer-line is a free conference call service that connects callers to one central number. This is global. and callers can call in from anywhere in the world. Most telephone providers now provides a flat rate plan that enables you to call anywhere in the US and Canada without incurring additional long distance charges. ( be sure to check with your provider to confirm this) International callers who don't have a similar service can call in on the internet or through Skype.
Here we come together to pray, to care and to share. We believe very strongly that it is impossible to pray effectively without a caring and compassionate spirit. When Jesus prayed his heart was filled with compassion. (Matt,9:36) As we learn to care we cannot, help but cultivate a sharing spirit. When this happens we begin to experience the true meaning of prayer. We now pray because we care, not simply because we are asked to.
Everyone is welcome to join the prayer-line. This is also a soul winning tool.Encourage those you have been witnessing to, or those in need of prayer, to join us.  


Click one of the buttons below .Fill in the information and we will send you the information you desire. All you need is your telephone.You can invite anyone you like to come online with you.

Be sure to list your prayer request. We will pray for you and your needs, both online and offline. Also send us your questions. If you would like to discuss a problem or a need, just let us know. We will be glad to talk and pray with you
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